Work permit in Lithuania

Work permit. Everything you need to know about the recruitment processes of foreigners in Lithuania

Citizens from third countries wishing to work legally in Lithuania sometimes face a number of difficulties in arranging various documents. Entrepreneurs from Lithuania who want to employ a foreigner in their companies also face such problems, and sometimes don't even know where to start arranging the entire documentation.

The good news is that all you have to do is go to reach to the Employment Centre. The professional team will not only find the most suitable candidates for the position you offer, but will also help to arrange all documents, thanks to which foreigners will be able to officially reside in Lithuania and work in your workplace.

Work permit. What are the options?

In particular, it should be defined whether a foreigner will be employed temporarily or for a longer period of time:

If the intention is to work for no more than a year, a national visa and a work permit in Lithuania will be required. It is important to know that employment is not possible with a Schengen visa. Once a work permit has been obtained, documents concerning the granting of a national visa D should be arranged.

Those who plan to work for two or three years need a temporary residence permit in Lithuania.

A permanent residence permit in Lithuania is required for a longer period of time. Residence permits for third-country nationals are not granted so easily. Certain conditions must be met.

In which cases is there no need for a work permit in Lithuania?

If a citizen has a permanent residence permit in Lithuania

When a citizen is a member of a family of citizens of the Republic of Lithuania (and has a temporary or permanent residence permit in Lithuania). These permits may be granted after the marriage.

If the profession of a citizen is included in the list of missing relevant highly qualified professions in Lithuania.

If a citizen receives a salary higher than the average salary of 3 months (currently this amount is EUR 2783,4);

When a citizen wishes to change a temporary residence permit and has worked in Lithuania for at least two years as a highly qualified worker;

If a citizen has completed a university degree or vocational education and training in our country, and wishes to work according to his/her degree and has a document (diploma) to confirm this.

The work permit shall be granted, terminated or renewed in the Employment Service. Work permit in Lithuania must be issued before the employee arrives in our country. The employer needs to make sure that the highly qualified worker has proof of this and has accumulated appropriate work experience. Permits cannot be issued for non-qualified work. These employees may be employed only for seasonal work according to the Employment Service's list of seasonal activities.

Work permit offers many advantages for both the employer and the employee. In order to obtain a work permit, there is no need to declare the place of residence in Lithuania or wait for a decision on a residence permit, therefore, this document is the fastest to arrange.


Work permit in Lithuania. What else is important to know?

  • When a work permit is granted, a temporary residence permit in Lithuania shall not be issued. Only a work permit is required for legal work and life.
  • Work permit is usually issued within 7 working days.
  • National visa D is also issued. It is usually issued within 15 days.

A few facts about our activities

  • We contact the Employment Service and make an application for you. Before submitting the application, we indicate that you have a vacancy in your company. Specifying a vacancy is not required if you want to hire a trainee from abroad.
  • The application may not be considered if the candidate you choose already has a work permit but in another company.
  • The Employment Service examines the employer's activities, such as whether the company has gone bankrupt or is working legally.

Every nuance of documentation can seem really confusing. Sometimes employers simply do not provide all the necessary documents, then face various problems, which prolong the recruitment process itself.

We understand that time is of extreme value, so we will arrange all the documents for you. All you have to do is choose the most suitable candidate for the vacancy, and we'll take care of the rest!

A work permit in Lithuania is only a small formality that helps a foreigner to take up employment with you officially.