Other services for foreigners

Other services for foreigners

Recruitment of foreigners from third countries opens new business horizons. This not only allows employees to gain more experience and motivation, but you also set a good example for those around you and achieve the much-desired business success. Recruitment of nationals from third countries in Lithuania is a complex process, but not for us, professionals in our field.

We work in a wide geographical area , so not only we can find the best solutions for staff development, but we also provide many other additional services.

Other services for foreigners:

Translation services. We translate documents from all languages. This is usually necessary when we present the documents to the institutions of the Republic of Lithuania. Translation of documents in the Employment Centre provides clients with convenience by not having to search for a translation bureau.

Recognition of diplomas. This service is always necessary when it comes to recruiting highly qualified personnel from third countries.

Accommodation of employees in Lithuania. We have a reliable network of partners, so if necessary, we can help foreigners find a place to live. Your future employees will be able to start working faster, as they will not have to waste time searching for housing in Lithuania.

Declaration of residence. This formality is required in order to obtain a temporary residence permit in the Republic of Lithuania. Contact us to help you declare the citizen's place of residence.

We save our clients time, so we perform all services as quick as possible, so that the staff you chosen can start working as soon as possible.

We employ workers according to all laws in force in the Republic of Lithuanian, so you won't have to worry about possible misunderstandings with the Labour Inspectorate.

We arrange documents quickly, easily and legally!