Workers from Belarus

Workers from Belarus are on their way to help you

Are you feeling stagnation of your business? You may want to expand your activities, but there's no way you can find suitably qualified workers in your home country? You have the opportunity to hire a workforce not only in Lithuania, but also from other countries. And it is absolutely not necessary to look solely at EU countries. More and more successful entrepreneurs are looking more broadly and agree that it is really worth recruiting not only Lithuanians but also third-country citizens in their companies. This is evidenced by a number of successful business stories.

Geographically wider search for employees gives you a better chance of finding really hard-working and reliable employees who are satisfied with your working conditions. Some of them can be recruited from Belarus.

Why is it worth employing Belarusian citizens in your company?

Since Lithuania, like other EU countries, has a higher average salary than Belarus, this creates better working conditions for the citizens of this country and a stronger motivation to work. Workers from Belarus are happy to work overtime.

Although salaries are not high in Belarus, the industry sector is highly developed and a high level of education is promoted. For these reasons, workers from Belarus are highly skilled and have the right experience. Workers from Belarus can do various jobs, most good professionals are willing to emigrate to work in Lithuania. You will be offered a fairly large supply of these workers, which caters to almost all areas of activity.

In order for Belarusian workers to work in your company, they will be issued a work permit. It will be valid only for work in your company, so you can be reassured that your employee will not easily change his/her employer.

Workers from Belarus can also work unskilled, seasonal and other jobs. These citizens are very diligent and honest.

In which fields workers from Belarus are most frequently employed.

The Employment Centre in Belarus is mainly looking for staff with experience. Among the most popular inquiries we notice workers in the food industry and manufacturing, furniture production, metalworking, light industry, services sector and construction sector. We often offer fixed-term employment to construction companies, which is very useful during a certain operating season.

Of course, if necessary, we always adjust to the client’s needs and expand our searches to various areas of activity in order to find the most suitable candidate for you.

Are workers from Belarus difficult to employ in Lithuania?

Employment of foreigners in Lithuania is, of course, a more complex and lengthy process than the recruitment of our national workers. However, when applying to our company, you will not have to experience any worries or legal problems.

After selecting the most suitable candidates for you, we provide curriculum vitae of employees and present to them the job conditions you offer. The search for employees lasts from 2 weeks to several months. Work interviews are then organised. According to your request, interviews can take place not only live, but also by phone, Skype, Viber, WhatsApp or other means of communication.

Not only do we find the most suitable candidates for you, but we also help them to move to Lithuania for employment, and we arrange all the necessary documents. Employees from Belarus will work in your company officially, in accordance with all the laws in force in the Republic of Lithuania. We assist throughout the entire recruitment process, which lasts from 2 to 6 weeks.

Depending on the position, the selection of one employee costs between EUR 400 and 1000.

Why contact us?

The Employment Centre has its offices in the Republic of Belarus. Close relationship with this country ensures wider selection opportunities for our clients.

We help not only to select the best candidates, but also to arrange all the necessary documents so that they can come to Lithuania and work for you legally.

We can find the staff you need for both a fixed-term and an indefinite period.

We always offer the best options for you because we work geographically widely.

We have a network of partners, so employees from Belarus and beyond can find their place of residence in Lithuania more easily.

We provide additional
services, such as translation of documents
and other services.

Employees from Belarus can make a significant contribution to the profitability of your business.