Workers from South Asia

Lack of manpower? Recruit workers from South Asia in your company

Workers from South Asia are constantly looking for different job perspectives abroad, and often come to work in Lithuania. Many are satisfied with the working conditions and attitude towards employees.

Lithuania, like other EU members, is more economically developed than South Asian countries. Therefore, skilled workers from third countries here can successfully climb the career ladder and receive the salary and experience they really deserve.

Workers from India, Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh will be happy to live and work in Lithuania, provided that the vacancies you offer meet all the requirements. These citizens are undemanding, reliable, responsible and not afraid of work. By the way, there are also a number of highly qualified individuals in these countries who don't always have the chance to realise themselves properly in their home countries.

We may employ skilled or unskilled workers in your company. We offer services according to the individual needs of each client. We also offer you temporary employment services, which are often needed during certain business season. We organise individual job interviews to make it easier for both you and employees to decide.


Workers of which fields of activities are most often sought in South Asia?

In South Asia, we are looking for tailors, construction workers, meat cutters and long-distance drivers. Workers from South Asia can also work well elsewhere, for example in supermarkets.

Employing Indians, Nepalese, Pakistanis or Bengali will boost your business growth! The Employment Centre will arrange all the necessary documents so that workers can formally operate in your workplace.