Workers from Ukraine

Citizens of Ukraine are looking for work in Lithuania – we will help you to find each other

If you look at labour market statistics in recent years, you will find that Ukrainian workers come to Lithuania and the numbers are only growing every year. Ukrainians enjoy not only wages, but also in facilitating employment conditions in Lithuania.

Recruitment of Ukrainians is a great way to expand your business

If you are still in doubt, we can immediately clarify that Ukrainian workers are reliable, diligent and organised. Workers from Ukraine are highly motivated and satisfied with Lithuanian salaries, willingly work overtime. Recruitment of Ukrainians in Lithuania contributes not only to the development of business, but also helps to overcome the stagnation of activity.


Workers from Ukraine may be:

  • Masons from Ukraine;
  • Construction workers from Ukraine;
  • Welders from Ukraine.

If necessary, Ukrainians can also be recruited for other fields, such as IT, services and transport. We find unskilled workers for factories or various seasonal jobs.

Recruiting foreigners is a simple process if the right recruitment team is involved!