Workers from Central Asia

Workers from Central Asia are looking for work in our country. We will help you recruit the best candidates

Lithuania's growing economy and the increasing exodus of our countrymen from the country often make a businessman wonder how to maintain the profitability of his/her activities and find suitably qualified workers. Many entrepreneurs employ foreigners in their companies so they maintain their performance.

Workers from Central Asia are ready to do a wide variety of jobs in your company, so don't waste your time and rush to save or expand your areas of activity.

Why is it worth hiring workers from Central Asia in your company?

Both average wages in Lithuania and living conditions in our country usually satisfy citizens from Central Asia. They feel a great motivation to work, which also improves the quality of work itself.

If you employ foreigners in your company, you will be able to enjoy the growing sales of your services or products very quickly.

If necessary and in agreement with employees, it is possible to offer them overtime.

Workers from Central Asia can do both skilled and seasonal, unskilled jobs. We will offer you a number of candidates for your job offer, so you can choose calmly. Later, we will also organise job interviews.

In what fields of activity the workers from Central Asia are most frequently sought?

The Employment Centre in Central Asia is most often looking for long-distance drivers, cooks, construction workers and tailors. In any case, we will find the most suitable candidates because we work in geographically broad area and have reliable partners.

Employees from Central Asia (Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan) will not allow you to feel any stagnation in your business! We will arrange all the necessary documents so that they can work legally in your company.