Temporary residence permit in Lithuania

Residence permit in Lithuania is an important document allowing third-country nationals to officially reside and work in our country

Since Lithuanian entrepreneurs have felt a severe shortage of workers in recent years, they are forced to look for alternative recruitment solutions. In most cases, you don't have to look far. Nowadays, your business will not be doomed, because you can employ excellent workers from Ukraine, Belarus, India or other third countries. In this way, you will not only allow these workers to gain more experience, but also prevent your business ideas from failure. Additionally, the employment of foreigners not only creates a diversity of workers in Lithuania, but also makes a significant contribution to promoting tolerance.

The most important thing to take care of in order for foreigners to be able to work in your company is their legal entry into Lithuania and their employment. In order to work transparently, a work permit or a residence permit will be required in Lithuania.

The residence permit in Lithuania is granted to all by general procedure, but in each case different circumstances of a person's arrival are examined. Depending on the planned duration of work, employees need a national visa D (work visa in Lithuania), a temporary residence permit in Lithuania or a permanent residence permit in Lithuania.

In each case, we suggest that you contact our Employment Centre. Not only will we offer the best candidates for your company, but we will also arrange all the necessary documents so that the selected employees can arrive as soon as possible and get a legal job.

National visa D (work visa in Lithuania). What else is important to know?

When citizens arrive in Lithuania for a short period of time, for example only for a short stay, they are usually granted a Schengen visa (short-stay, C or airport transit, A). However, it should be known that working with this visa is prohibited in Lithuania.

A national "work visa in Lithuania" must be granted to those wishing to work. It can be multiple-entry visa. A multiple-entry visa is granted when a person comes to Lithuania to carry out legal activities (e.g. study, work, conduct scientific research, etc.).

“Work visa in Lithuania” is granted only if the foreigner in this country intends to study, work or perform other legal activities for a period not exceeding 12 months.

Permanent or temporary residence permit in Lithuania?

A temporary residence permit in Lithuania is the most important document required when a citizen intends to work here for more than one year. This permit shall be issued to highly qualified personnel for 3 years and for unskilled personnel for 2 years. If foreigners are of Lithuanian origin and have retained the right to Republic of Lithuanian citizenship, the temporary residence permit may also be issued for 5 years. In some cases, a temporary residence permit in Lithuania may also be granted for a period of less than one year. The temporary residence permit shall be examined within 4 months (2 months as a matter of urgency).

If it is intended to work and live in Lithuania for a longer period, a permanent residence permit in Lithuania is unambiguously required. It shall be valid for 5 years and,

after that period, the document shall be changed. A permanent residence permit in Lithuania is not granted to everyone because it must be demonstrated that a person has sufficient means of subsistence, permanent residence or is married to a citizen of the Republic of Lithuania. This choice is more popular when a third-country person has already spent many years in our home country and intends to continue to work here successfully. This permit shall be issued within 4 months (2 months as a matter of urgency) of the date of submission of the application.

Usually, those who want to work in Lithuania initially choose easier solutions. A temporary residence permit or just a work permit in Lithuania is a much more common choice, which is enough to officially reside and work in our country.

Blue Card

The Blue Card is awarded to highly qualified workers. The period of validity of this document varies from country to country, but its standard duration is between 1 and 4 years. The Blue Card allows highly qualified third-country nationals to officially reside and work in our home country.

The Employment Center will not leave you in the dark! We promise that, depending on the circumstances, both the residence permit in Lithuania and all other important documents will be arranged as quickly and qualitatively as possible.